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made by babbles

- community previously lushhful
maker previously niabunni & babbles

  • Under any circumstances are you to take and edit/alter my graphics. Do not take anything that wasn't made for you without my permission.

  • CREDIT. Credit should be on the same page where the graphic is used in either hover-credit, underneath the graphic, or on the same page saying who made what. Icons should be credited to mama @ beauties using LJ tags in the comment section of the icon. Don't know how?
    Easy credit:

    If you use my graphics outside of LJ please credit luvkins.net.

  • Please use your manners and be polite. Not only to me, but to other members as well. Drama-free is ♥.

  • Pickups will always be in a new post. It's your responsibility to pick up what is made for you. I don't do pickup reminders. I usually get my requests filled quickly so check often.

  • When saving your graphic(s) please keep my username in the filename.
    Here is the code for hover-text that works with all browsers:

    If you're looking for my galleries or are interested in personal requests please visit my website luvkins.net.
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